I was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan, spent most of my 20’s in the U.S., and now I live in Budapest, Hungary, with my two sons. I’m a freelance English to Japanese translator, and I enjoy cooking, taking photos, DIYing my flat, and traveling.


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TRANSLATION SAMPLE: Japanese versions (original version) of WordPress plugins Polylang and Photo Gallery by Supsystic
“MISTRANSLATION SQUARE”: As a reviewer, I have encountered numerous mistranslations. Many of them will shock you. Even worse, many of them will make you liable for damage. I will list them up in this page with my explanations to give you a glimpse into the consequences of hiring wrong translators. The source text should be translated appropriately or should not be translated at all.


I have been running a multilingual babysitter website,, since 2008.


Since my childhood, I always have passion for films, and I practically learned how to speak English by watching films. I was hoping to work for a film one day, and in year 2012, I was offered a chance to take part in the production of a Hungarian film called “Liza, a rókatündér” (Liza, The Fox Fairy), and I gained a range of valuable experiences.

My IMDb page was created as well.

This is a list of articles in which my name is mentioned as the lyricist.

Also, I have been cast in two films as a background artist. These too were valuable experiences. It’s unthinkable if I were living in Japan. Acting looks like a glamorous occupation, but it must be surprisingly tough.

  • The Martian” (2015): I spotted myself for about 0.15 seconds.
  • Inferno” (2016): At this moment, I don’t know whether I’m edited out or not.


  1. Ondrej

    Eiko, me and my wife loved your japanese lyrics in the Lisa the Fox fairie production. We are linguists, though neither of us speaks japanese, and the songs sounded so genuine we started to look for the “original versions” – thought it must have been copyrighted somewhere 🙂 and the film used just cover versions. It would be nice if you shared with us some thoughts about you and the film – we live in Slovakia (Banská Bystrica), teach languages, work with kids, scouts and in free time we do some theatre here and there.

    • EikoToda

      Thank you very much for searching the actual lyrics! I intend to add the pronunciation and the meaning in the near future (I’m still learning WordPress). As I mentioned in this page, I had no training or experience and I grew up listening to Western music, so I did a lot of research on Japanese lyrics, and I was quite surprised to have found that the Japanese lyricists are not really concerned about sending message and/or rhyming. Some lyrics don’t make any sense. My lyrics can be translated by Google 🙂

      Regarding the film, I still don’t speak Hungarian well, but I think it’s brilliant and deserves all these prizes and acclaims. Staff were highly professional yet friendly.

      I have no patience to teach Japanese (I’ve tried) and I truly admire language teachers. Working with kids and scouts must be fun 🙂 Theatre is another approach to convey message and I’m fascinated by the passion for it I observe in Europe. Please keep up with your good work!


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